Everything you need to know about your BTO renovation

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Embarking on your first home renovation can be overwhelming, but fear not! We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through the process of renovating your BTO flat. From understand floor plans to exploring optional component schemes and tackling various fittings, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to kickstart your BTO flat renovation.

Decoding HDB Floor Plans

1. How do I read my HDB floor plan?

  • Bold lines represent either structural walls or walls around a household shelter, which builds the foundation of your flat, and can’t be hacked.
  • Thin lines with gaps (In the forms of dashes) represent partitions or non-structural walls, which legally, you’re allowed to demolish (With HDB’s permission), so no, you can’t just start hammering the wall after an intense quarrel with your significant other.
  • Depending on the unit you got, you may have gable-end walls as well. These walls are represented by a pair of thin lines with another line between them.
  • These walls are the barriers separating your homes from the outside, which for this reason, can’t be demolished as well. (As much as you may love open concepts to that extreme)
  • The numbers you see on the floor plan indicate the internal dimensions of your flat (In mm), such as your floor length or your wall length.

2. Can I hack the walls in my Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) flat?

  • The same regulations regarding hacking of structural and non-structural walls apply to PPVC flats as well!

3. How do I tell if my BTO flat comes with an open-concept kitchen?

  • All new BTO kitchens are now open-concept by default, except for certain layout constraints.

4. How do I know how tall my unit’s ceiling height is?

  • Most BTO flats will typically be around 2.6m in height, however, this may differ due to layout constraints as well. Generally, top floor units may have a higher ceiling height from about 2.7 -2.75m.

Exploring HDB's Optional Component Scheme (OCS)

1. What are the items under HDB’s Optional Component Scheme (OCS)?

  • Please refer to HDB's official webpage for the most updated list of OCS offerings.

2. I didn’t opt in for OCS when I purchased my BTO flat. Is it too late to do so now?

  • Once contractors have procured materials or started working, changes to OCS options are not allowed.

3. I can’t remember which items I opted for under HDB’s OCS. Is there any way to check this?

  • Reach out to HDB for assistance in retrieving your OCS Option Form

BTO Flat Features and Fittings

1. What fixtures and fittings come with my BTO flat?

  • Modern high-quality fittings are provided to in BTO estates launched in 2019 or later

  Inclusions such as:

  • Sleek steel front gates
  • Sater-efficient sanitary fittings

2. Is the flooring that HDB provides durable?

  • New BTO flats feature larger-format porcelain glazed tiles that are more resistant to wear and tear. However, proper cleaning and maintenance is still required to ensure a longer longevity for your flooring!

Service Yard and Bathroom Considerations

1. Can I conceal pipes in my service yard?

  • Concealing pipes is allowed, but a minimum removable access area of 600mmx 600mm must be maintained!

2.Can I opt out of HDB’s floor/wall finishing for my bathroom?

  • HDB's floor and wall finishes are designed to protect the waterproofing membrane. Tampering with these finishes within the first 3 years voids the waterproofing warranty.

3.Can I opt out of HDB’s water closets (WCs) for my bathroom?

  • Water closets (WCs) in BTO flats are mandatory as part of water conservation efforts and government regulations. Replacing WCs is allowed while ensuring connectivity to sanitary pipes and adhering to plumbing regulations.

4.Can I replace the WC and wash basin in my bathroom and/or shift their positions around?

  • Replacing WCs and wash basins is possible, as long as existing floor slabs are not tampered with. Plumbing works should be carried out by a PUB-licensed plumber

5. Can I hack my bathroom door frame?

  • Bathroom door frames are not part of structural walls and can be hacked away. Waterproofing measures must be taken afterward.

Electrical Wiring, Plumbing, and Gas

1.Where can I find my BTO flat’s electrical and water piping plans?

  • Electrical and water piping plans can be found in the distribution board(DB) box in your flat.

2. Do all BTO flats support fibre broadband?

  • Yes, every room in your BTO flat is equipped with a fibre optic point.

3. How many data and power points come with my BTO flat?

  • Each BTO flat includes one data point per room, including the living room but the total number may vary depending on the layout of the flat

4. Can I change the location of power points in my BTO flat?

  • Yes, any power points located on non-structural walls can be relocated.

5. Does my BTO flat come with gas pipes?

  • No, your flat will not have any gas pipes…in your dreams. Yes all flats come with gas pipes.

With this comprehensive guide on your BTO renovation, you'll have the answers to your burning questions about renovating your BTO flat. Now, you can feel safe and confident as you embark on this exciting journey of creating your dream home. Remember, if you need any expert advice to designing your dream home, feel free to schedule a consultation with us and we'll be here to assist you every step of the way