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We design spaces that drive inspiration

Across commercial, landed and residential areas in Singapore, we are a team of professionals specializing in these domains. Build your imagination to reality today!

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Who we are

Multi-Award Winning Interior Design Firm

Elite Enterprise Award 2023SME Business Excellence Award 2022/2023Top 50 Interior design firm awardTop Interior Design Firm HomeRenoGuruTop business service and quality award 2023/2024Prestige Singapore 100 award 2023/2024Bizsafe 3 award
Our services

A broad set of interior design services covered

We are committed to walking our clients through the whole renovation process, prioritizing open communication from the initial consultation to the final reveal. We ensure that our client's ideas, goals, and preferences are catered to, putting their vision at the forefront of our design.

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Space planning

We optimizing the use of space by strategically arranging furniture, fixtures, and equipment, while considering our client's needs, aesthetic preferences, and efficient use of the area.

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Accesories recommendation

We carefully select and recommend unique pieces that add personality and visual interest to spaces, elevating the overall aesthetic and creating a captivating ambiance.

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Furniture recommendation

We  recommend furniture that embodies our clients' style and themes, creating personalized spaces that reflect their unique tastes and enhance their living experience.

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Decoration & colour design

We craft visually stunning spaces and evoke the desired atmosphere through meticulous attention to detail and expert selection of colors, textures, and decorative elements.

Our portfolio

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Our process

Our effective process in 3 steps


Space Planning

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Space planning in interior design is the art of optimizing the layout and functionality of a space. It involves strategic placement of furniture, fixtures, and other elements to create a harmonious and efficient environment that meets the specific needs and objectives of the client.


3D Visualisation

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3D visualization brings your ideas to life by creating realistic digital representations of your space before it is built, allowing you to visualize the design, materials, colors, and lighting, providing a clear understanding of the final outcome and helping you make informed decisions to achieve your desired interior aesthetic


Execution of work

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Execution of work in involves the professional implementation and realization of the design plan, where our team will work closely with contractors in ensuring that all details are meticulously executed. After renovation work, you will be able to move in to your desired house!